Overhead Logistics - Fact Sheet And FAQ

Founded: February 2017

Vision: Reinvent urban and suburban shipping, 30 minutes - it's realy fast, $0,8 - it's really cheap

Mission: Shipping fast, direct, autonomous, cost-effective

Locations: Laboratory and test track in Moscow

What is Overhead Logistics?
Light urban and suburban monorail cargo transport connecting central warehouses with local parcel lockers. It is a transition from the same-day delivery paradigm to the 30 minutes delivery. It is an infrastructure project with a ramified network of monorail roads, fully automatic rolling stock (shuttle) with cargo boxes, automated warehouse depots and parcel lockers for customers. Applicable in a dense urban and suburban development with high cargo traffic.
Monorail is located on overpasses over the urban and suburban road infrastructure.

What is the Overhead Logistics Shuttle Challenge?
It's our competition to find the best monorail shuttle construction. Offline part of the competition will be held in Moscow in the summer 2018. Finalists will be announced in July 2018. More.

Why do we need a Overhead Logistics?
The main directions of cargo traffic in the city remain unchanged, the supplier-client pair is changing. Availability of its delivery means from each supplier is uneconomically, so delivery as a services become popular, which take care of all costs associated with storage, packaging and delivery of goods. At the same time, the most expensive part - couriers work. In directions where cargo traffic is high, a couriers can replace by fully automatic transport of small capacity. And in terms of the cost of infrastructure-load-carrying capacity, rail transport bypasses all existing alternatives.

How much will delivery cost?
The cost of delivery consists of a mass of indicators, one of the key ones is the cost of electricity, maintenance and depreciation of the infrastructure. For example, in the calculation of the Moscow project, one delivery will be cost $ 0.80.

How fast is a Overhead Logistics? We estimate that the top speed for a light cargo will be 60 km/h.

How is Overhead Logistics going to get certified by safety agencies and regulators? As with any new transport infrastructure, there will be regulatory hurdles to overcome. We believe that Overhead Logistics is a new mode of transportation and so will require a fresh approach to regulation.

How confident are you that your technology will work? To validate our technology, we will build a full-scale Overhead Logistics test track in Moscow.

Where will Overhead Logistics get its power?

The contact network includes two contact rails and a
current collector on the rolling stock.

What is the spacing between columns? Spacing will be extremely route-specific but will range from 15 to 30 meters.

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